Software Quality Assessments

Measure and understand your software quality risks from multiple perspectives and turn your risks into opportunities.

Software Security Assessments

Secure your software with the latest and best software technologies as a turnkey service.  Protect your brand and your customers from cyber attacks.

Performance Assessments

Just like your car, software also needs to be tuned up after a lot of miles.  Find out how you can optimize your system’s performance and testing activities.  Save money, time and shorten your schedule!

  • We looked for competitors to PSC for five years and found no other company is willing to do the real hard work of diving into our software and extract critical software risks, perform the analytics and provide us opportunities to turn data into action–U.S. Army PEO Intelligence Electronic Warfare & Sensors

  • We performed an "Apples to Apples" comparison of using internal resources to achieve the same results as PSC and determined it was a 3:1 cost savings to hire PSC.–- Defense Contractor Customer

  • We performed a five year case study across many programs, commands and millions of lines of code analyzed by PSC and determined there was on average a 9.5x return on investment for every dollar spent in cost avoidance savings resulting from PSC's risk analytic services.–United States Army CECOM