KASAN (kay-sahn) puts all of your software security tools in one place..

Manage Your Data…Not Your Tools

Application Security Challenge

National Security Agency
Center for Assured Software

“No one application security tool covers greater than 20% of the software security risks.”

“Combining software security tools will achieve greater results.”

KASAN Solution


KASAN provides a framework based on a “plug and play” architecture enabling organizations to hook in their existing software tools from 3rd party vendors, open source community and internal proprietary tools.

Once hooked in KASAN collects the data and pulls it into its ontological ecosystem.  Integrate as many tools as your heart desires because economies of scale gets bigger and better.

  • Leverage tools collecting dust on the shelf.

  • Data from all sources is viewed through a single interface resulting in exponential reduction in training requirements.

  • Create a competitive marketplace inside your company for vendors to demonstrate the effectiveness of their technologies without long-term commitments.

  • Independent studies have shown more tools, not less, provides better coverage of the software risk space (security, quality, performance) of interest.

  • Power to the developers!  Don’t just choose one, choose them all or just your favorites.

“Generating a big data footprint from lots of integrated tools will overwhelm our teams.”

“However, our software needs to be right 100% of the time so we can’t afford to go lean on data.”


Question – How many engineers or software executives do you know have memorized the 1000(s) of software quality and security risk categories by language, by tool, by context, by business risk?

If you answered “none”, then we couldn’t agree more!

KASAN is powered by an ontological ecosystem enabling organizations to prioritize and drive risks based on attributes of the software under scrutiny.  These attributes can be anything from specific company or industry standards to the type of system to a unique risk signature auto-recognized by KASAN.  Correlating these risks against your organization’s cost, schedule and performance objectives turns them into opportunities to catapult ahead of the competition.

Correlating data to business objectives will transform your strategy from being reactively driven by crises and opinion to proactively driven by data.  That’s powerful!

“My engineers are overloaded as it is and we can’t afford for them to go through weeks of secure coding training.”

“We need actionable results now! We don’t want to buy, integrate, train, administer and adopt 10 new technologies. We just need to have actionable results injected into our engineering process.”


PSC has analyzed billions of lines of source code from satellite systems to video games.  Let our experience and expert knowledge be your competitive advantage in either catapulting to being the market leader or remaining there.

We follow a tedious and robust process which eliminates false-positive data.  Our expert teams categorize and rate the remaining findings to ensure your team prioritizes the highest risks first.

We understand your engineers are very bright which is why their time should be spent doing brilliant things and not hunting and pecking through the code and vast amounts of data looking for the needle in the haystack.  Let PSC do the heavy lifting freeing your engineers to do more with less!

“I need to understand risks across my product portfolio in a way that allows me to make decisions on allocating resources.”

“My managers, executives and engineers all talk past each other when it comes to security, we need to reports which provide a platform for all of them to have a mutual understanding of our risks and empower them to execute.”


Let’s keep things real for a moment. We know executives love charts, graphs, pretty colors and “Net-Net” level information.  We also know engineers love looking at code and diving into the details and speaking “geek”.  What we have learned over the years is both audiences have the same data/information needs but have different visualization requirements.  KASAN caters to both by providing integration into the standard IDE(s) for engineers to browse through risks flagged by technology and web based dashboards for executives so they can visualize the trends of risk across their portfolio of systems.

Transparency is a critical element to changing the current paradigm of how software risks are identified, measured, mitigated and managed.  From executive to engineer KASAN will allow organizations to define what’s important and provide the means to have meaningful and collaborative exchanges without people talking past each other.

Business man use tablet pc with colorful application icons

Software Is Eating the World!

From refrigerators to automobiles more products today have software offering consumers connected products or connected experiences.

Companies are trying to maintain a high security and quality environment to provide a unique and competitive advantage and stay ahead of their competition and security threats.

Companies from Wall Street to Main Street are realizing software is a major part of their brand and negligence with security and quality will result in lost earnings, damage to the brand and loss of market position.

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