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Located in the heart of Trenton’s Historic Roebling Steel District, PSC continues to be the industry standard and leader for software risk analytics. For over fifteen years, PSC has been securing and increasing the reliability of software for organizations of all sizes – including Fortune 500 companies and the Federal Government.
Our customers enjoy the benefits of software automation as a service without incurring any of the headaches, pains and challenges to achieve results using internal resources at a tremendous opportunity cost.
Specializing in Application Security Testing, the core of our services are centered around turning software risks into opportunities for our customers to gain an advantage in their competitive markets. Whether we are early or later in the software life cycle, PSC is helping your organization mitigate software risks proactively offering a unique approach combining proprietary and commercial automation technology to deliver guaranteed results to its clients.
PSC has analyzed over 8 billion lines of code across a wide range of diverse systems. A few examples include medical devices, business systems, embedded systems, telecommunications, manufacturing automation, financial systems, aviation platforms, satellite systems, and strategic and tactical military systems.
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What The $%#! Just Happened?

Yup…it happens to all of us. You released some code into the wild too soon and your support lines exploded and the press is on you like white on rice. Take a deep breath and give us call…we can help.

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Hackers ♥ U

Your products are “connected” and/or your company has delicious data inside making you the BFF of hackers globally.

As the #1 provider of software security services to the department of defense we will lock down your application layer so tight it will make that clean squeaky sound when it runs. 😉

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1st to Market

Being first is important but getting there with a product that crashes could be disastrous.

PSC will provide critical security and quality analytics to ensure your first release is a homerun. Have your cake and eat it too.

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Team Players

Our mission is to amplify the greatness already within your company. Provide your engineers an opportunity to create more brilliant software rather than bug fixing stuff they’ve already developed. Most importantly, give your company an edge in the market by increasing velocity without compromise to security and quality.

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Wait! Don’t sign the contract just yet!

What if the software has security vulnerabilities? What if the code is so complex our own people can’t maintain if we lose there experts during the acquisition process? How much of the code is organic, commercial and open source? Do we have a “copy left” problem?

PSC will answer the above questions to relieve your anxiety so you can cut the check, seal the deal and grow!

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Change is Good

You want to have a corporate culture where transparency into software risks is encouraged, an expectation and rewarded. You want reliable risk data to make reliable business decisions.

Change is hard and it takes time. The great news is PSC knows how to help by putting into place a strategic plan and process to evolve your organizational culture built upon a foundation of strong analytics and data.

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Supply Chain Risk

With the open source paradigm prevalent in today’s development strategies, PSC can serve as the front line strategy of mitigating risks of integrating software developed outside of your organization.

Protect your brand and customers by proactively understanding the risks of integrating open source and supply chain provided software.

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Cloud Ready

Ensure your software is optimized for the cloud by understanding quality, security and performance metrics to ensure your customers and your bottom line continues to grow.

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Tailor your software analytics to any industry, customer required or internal standard to be compliant. (OWASP, SANS, CWE, DISA STIG, D0-178b, PCI, FDA, etc…)

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Change Software from Art to Engineering

Yes, we know this is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) and it’s what drives our passion everyday. Once you meet us you won’t forget us because this goal is central to everything we do woven into the fabric of our culture.
Software risk analytics is an exciting and growing profession within a mature industry. We have recognized much of the barriers for change involves sociological challenges, not technological. Solving these challenges through socialization of data is what we believe is the tipping point for evolving the software industry into a new paradigm.
We would love to share our vision and passion with your company to enlist another customer in the movement we created to change our industry centered around your valuing your software risk data and not just your “tools”!
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It’s What’s Right, Not Who’s Right

This value applies to our business in many ways. We work within an industry littered with opinions when it comes to analyzing software risks. We have learned over the years the data speaks for itself and provides valuable insights into truths and reality instead of the hypothetical. Many times our analyses are based upon industry or customer driven standards and the perspective of what’s right is predefined.
We have also learned as an independent to take into great consideration when analyzing a software system other factors that drive what’s the right thing to do. Some of these may be based on our customer’s business objectives for the system, the stage of development, etc… It’s sometimes not clear what’s the right plan of action moving forward but the opportunity PSC provides is awareness of the risks, their impact to your business objectives and most importantly forcing both a business and technical dialogue with all stakeholders for complete transparency.
We believe this is due to our value of putting our customers first and being our customer’s advocate for doing what’s right.

Professional, Courteous, Partnership, Respect

As the old saying goes, “People do business with people they like.” Sometimes being an independent party assessing an organization’s pride and joy (i.e. their code) can be tricky or should we say “touchy” even contentious at times. We absolutely respect the tremendous amount of hard work our customers put into their products under extreme deadlines and pressures. We are very professional in socializing and collaborating the resulting data from our services. We recognize it’s not easy to sit in a meeting focused on risks within something you have created and poured a lot of hard work into.
Our company has worked in some of the most high security and high intensity software environments on the planet and we are very aware of being professional, courteous and respectful in our approach to add value to our customer’s business objectives.
Our ultimate goal is to forge a partnership with our customers based on measurable results focused on their needs not ours.


I know what you’re thinking, “Here comes the sales wind up and pitch!” It’s not a pitch, rather a value and philosophy core to our company. We have been around for twenty years and have worked with many prestigious companies both large and small. We understand the art of a deal but we do not negotiate terms where we win and our customer looses and we expect this same professional courtesy from those we engage in business.
In twenty years we have never recorded one bad receivable in a business where our customers pay our bill after we have delivered the services, which means we’re pretty good at negotiating WIN-WIN relationships.
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Founder of proServices Corporation. Early in his career Brian was the founder of several start-up companies located in Silicon Valley building state of the art software technology. Most of these early ventures were focused on designing systems that would later change industries such as computer aided design technologies. Brian went on to tackle changing the software industry using similar approaches by starting proCASE and building SMART system as the industry’s first software modeling technology. Decades of tackling this industry’s endemic problem as a tools builder, services provider, end-user of tools, researcher and entrepreneur has provided a unique perspective and opportunity for our company to once again change another industry leveraging a new paradigm through software risk analytics. Brian has also taught computer engineering courses at UC Santa Cruz and Stanford University and attended West Point and Lehigh University.

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As a co-founder of PSC, Rob has been fully engaged in the software quality automation industry since 1998 as a sales, marketing and operations professional. Early in his career Rob Started off with a Boston based software quality automation venture backed start-up selling their solutions to C-level and executive level decision makers. From this experience he joined the PSC team to transition his skills from selling software product to selling software service solutions leveraging best of breed technologies. Rob has led the development, sales and marketing of new service capabilities for PSC. As the head of business development he has successfully penetrated the U.S. Federal marketplace as well as key Fortune 500 accounts. In addition, Rob has led the company’s efforts to obtain several Federal research contracts all sole source awarded.