What's In It For Me (WIIFM)

Understand Your Technical Debt

Software is not something you can touch, feel, taste, hear or see in most cases.  In the words of our customers, “I’m flying blind, Help!”

PSC can provide critical information about your system’s quality, security and performance correlated to business risks important to your company.  We will help you see your risks, feel better about a plan of action, hear the cheers from your team and customers for doing it right the first time, feel a sense of empowerment to go bold and big and most importantly taste victory by beating your competition to market!


Independence Provides Superior Perspective

When our customers are “In the weeds!” it’s hard for them to see past the 6 inches in front of their face.  As an independent we have the luxury of going beyond those 6 inches into the entire system and provide a perspective our customers don’t have the time and resources to produce themselves.  In addition, we are not emotionally tied to the software and therefore our analysis is not influenced by personal bias.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Our customers would recommend early and iterative is where the smart money goes.  One of the many side benefits from a service like ours is Process Improvement!  The earlier our customers identify process failures resulting from our services and the more cost and schedule risks are mitigated and they are able to achieve economies of scale by preventing the same errors from being reintroduced into the software.

This pays dividends!

Guaranteed Results

Simply put…if we get it wrong we will re-certify the data for no additional cost.

State of the Art Technologies as a Turn-Key Service

Why buy one tool when you can have them all and without any of the headaches!  You insert your code, we insert a combination of our inGenium Risk Analytics platform and as many commercial and open source technologies we can get our hands on to produce data which gets processed by expert analysts.

Your Code + PSC’s Process/Technologies = Guaranteed Results

The “Dirty” Work Gets Done

It’s been said many times and we are not shy about it, “We are your digital janitors of software.”  It’s not sexy or glamorous, but work that must get done!  Our customer’s engineers/developers would rather focus on creating new software to push out new functionality in record times than worry about going back and retracing theirs and their peer’s steps.  Blaaahhh! (insert coughing up a hair ball noise).

It’s what we do and love and we’re the best in the business.

Historical ROI of 9.5x!

This is not a “typo”.  The United States Army conducted a study over a five (5) year period and concluded for every dollar they spent with our company they saved 9.5x in cost avoidance across many software intensive programs supporting our warfighters.  Your company could be next!

This pays dividends!

3:1 Cost Savings!

This also is not a “typo”.  A customer did an independent study to determine if they used internal resources to produce the same result would cost them 3x more than what PSC was charging for its services.  Wow!  Not to shabby!  This study did not take into account opportunity costs.

It’s what we do and love and we’re the best in the business.

Customized to Your Objectives

One size doesn’t always fit everyone.  Our services can be custom tuned to your company’s, industry’s, customer’s or other needs.  Different industries have different requirements.  The aviation industry has to comply with very strict standards (DO-178B), the Financial Services industry (SOX, FISMA, PCI), Military (DISA STiGS), etc…  We are the experts at software standards having built many for our clients and more importantly having to analyze their software unique to their industry.  Bring it on!

High Security to Protect Client Intellectual Property

Our company has worked in the most secure and prestigious computing environments on the planet.  What we have learned we have put into practice in securing your intellectual property with our company.  Please inquire about our security practices, we purposely do not publish them online (which was something else we learned along the way).

Tools Management vs. Data Management

Refer to our Blog (Tools vs. Data).