Application Security Testing Services

PSC secures your technology investments by analyzing source code
for security vulnerabilities

Application Security Testing

Application security testing, also called static code analysis or white box testing, is the scanning of source code for the purpose of identifying security risks and remediation solutions. Our process improves the quality of your data and your customers’ data to ensure that it remains safe, private, and confidential. By providing expert solutions for vulnerabilities in your software, PSC is able to help you to build security into your software throughout the development cycle.

100% Data Guarantee

Are Your Applications Vulnerable or Exploitable?

Learn the difference of having vulnerable vs. exploitable applications and the processes used to verify both.     

Why Choose PSC?

A trusted leader in application security for more than 15 years, PSC provides critical information about your software’s quality, security and performance correlated to business risks important to your company. We will help you manage your risks proactively and develop a comprehensive plan of action to mitigate any issues. We guarantee our data 100%.

How it Works

After an initial consultation to understand you and your business, our free QuickCheck code analysis service identifies and helps you to understand your risks. Based on your results, our experts will work with you to determine the next steps. Throughout the process of an application security audit, we can find inconsistencies and provide information for your developers to be able to make the appropriate changes.

Lines of Code Analyzed

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of methods do we use? What do you get after the initial review? These and other questions have been answered along with others that you have yet to ask.

Download the Infographic- Application Security as a Service: How it works.


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