Manage Your Data...Not Your Tools

KASAN (kay-sahn) manages all of your software security data in one place






CONNECT to the KASAN framework commercial, open-source and proprietary technologies to maximize your application security coverage.

COLLECT a big data footprint from opposing and complementary data sets from competing technologies.

CORRELATE & Employ advanced, patented technologies to eliminate false findings, recognize risk patterns and data reduction.

ANALYZE and provide turn-key analytics for engineers to interface with actionable information with a “Click & Fix” interface for quick turns.

COLLABORATE & provide transparent views into the analysis for executive and engineers to collaborate on software security risks.

The KASAN Advantage

Vendor Neutral Marketplace

Gone are the days where you’re hooked into a big box vendor

Every vendor is a “plug-in”…use their technology for one or plug in their competitors

It’s the data…not the tool that’s important!

Maximum Flexibility

Standard Independent (PCI, FDA, SEC, OWASP, NIST, etc…)

Tool Independent – One size doesn’t fit all

Ratings are tailored for compliance to industry standards

Economies of Scale

Leverage the power of many with the overhead of one!

Eliminate tool specific training, user adoption, integration and roll out/deployment

Train your workforce on data not tools!

Increased Coverage

Leverages Commercial, Proprietary and Open Source tools

Use complementary and competing data sets for deeper insights

1,400+ Software Risk Categories and growing

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