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We have put together just a couple of great articles and studies worth downloading and reading.  We hope you enjoy and please reach out to us for a lively discussion on all of the topics being presented.

A Cybercrime Report: The Applications Security Gap

As of 2012, IP theft cost U.S. companies an estimated $250 billion a year.

Global cybercrime was estimated at $114 billion a year, which inflates to an estimated $388 billion when downtime is also factored into the equation.

A Short History of the Cost per Defect Metric

The oldest metric for software quality economic study is that of “cost per defect.” While there may be earlier uses, the metric was certainly used within IBM by the late 1960’s for software; and probably as early as 1950’s for hardware.


Study: On Analyzing Static Analysis Tools

The National Security Agency (NSA) Center for Assured Software (CAS) conducted a study of static analysis tools for C/C++ and Java in 2010.  The purpose of this study was to determine the capabilities of commercial and open source static analysis tools for C/C++ and Java in order to provide objective information to organizations that are looking to purchase, deploy, or make the best use of static analysis tools.