What is QuickCheck

QuickCheck is a pre-sales service highlighting the level of quality and security risks within their software.

This service scans your source code using PSC’s KASAN (kay-sahn) software intelligence platform and presents the results in a high-level scorecard report.


Steps to QuickCheck

Determine Your Needs

An initial discussion to help us both determine the type of application security and/or quality check needed is imperative.

Upload the Code

PSC ensures your data remains secure throughout the QuickCheck process and together will determine the best delivery of your code.

Review Your Results

Visualize your software risks with PSC’s QuickCheck dashboard report designed for executives and engineers. 

Determine Next Steps

Based on your QuickCheck results and program priorities will determine if any further analysis is needed.  

Outcomes of QuickCheck

Personalized Results

One size doesn’t fit all!

Your QuickCheck report is tailored to your software’s unique risk signatures and will provided a visual platform for your team to collaborate on the best next steps with PSC.

Competitive Comparison

How Do You Stack Up Against the Competition?

This report shows how your software compares to other software systems of similar size, language and industry.

Reduced Costs

Find software problems before deployment.

The United States Army determined on average realized a 9.5x return on investment over a five (5) year case study.  

Custom Quote

Superior data intelligence yields superior solutions

PSC’s deep analytics service offerings maximizing the value of your spend better than any other company on the planet!

Increase Efficiency

Let us do the heavy lifting!

Do more with less will increase velocity, boost productivity giving your engineers more time to be creative coders making them and your customers happy.  

The Power of Experts

The Consult is Free*, the Information is Priceless!

Engage our experts at no risk to gain perspective on your system’s quality, security and performance risk signatures.



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