Industry Specific

Not all software is built the same.  After analyzing billions of lines of code we have found that across industries from Auto to Video Gaming, the software systems have different risk signatures.  However, within the same industry remarkably software systems have similar risk signatures.

Below are some articles we found interesting and yes while they might be a bit embarrassing for the companies mentioned software glitches happen to the best of us…even Apple.


Multi-Billion Dollar Software Glitches: A hit list.

This year, 660,000 tax refunds were delayed up to six weeks, Chrysler Group LLC recalled 409,000 Jeeps and 400,000 US stock exchange trades failed to fulfill Bats Global Markets’ best-price guarantee. What is one thing these three incidences have in common? Software malfunctions.

Automotive: Software Glitches in the Auto Industry and What that Means for You

In the last few years, software glitches have plagued the automotive industry. From faulty cooling systems to outdated automatic transmissions, automotive companies are scrambling to find quick, cost-effective solutions in an increasingly competitive market.

Financial Services: Software Bugs Place Financial Industry in the Spotlight

The infamous Flash Crash in 2010 placed a spotlight on the problems of a high frequency trading environment when the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged almost 1,000 points only to recover those losses within minutes.

Medical: Medical Devices Face Cyber Security Threat

In June, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration urged medical device makers and medical facilities to upgrade security protections to defend against potential cyber threats that could compromise the devices or patient privacy.